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Age Tracker is written in Flash Lite 2. Flash Lite 2 is available for a limited number of phones. But, more phones are supporting it all the time. I have only tested this app on my phone (Nokia 6682). That is a Simbian OS phone. If you get it to work on your phone, please let me know (babyTracker [at] If it doesn't work, please tell me too. But, in all honesty, I'm taking a break from mobile programming for a while.

To see if your phone supports Flash Lite 2, go here. Go here to download Flash Lite 2 from Adobe (it's free but it requires creating an Adobe user name). You may also want to check my blog posting on FL2 (has links to phones, how to install, etc.).

Click here to download Age Tracker (the FL2 swf) for your phone.

INSTRUCTIONS: Replace the jpg named "image.jpg" in the ageTracker directory. If you don't have an image in the directory, you will get a "can't load assets" error. If you click ignore, you will still get ageTracker info. But, this is made to have an image. And yes, it should handle the error more elegantly - but, I'm busy. If anyone wants a version that doesn't require an image and doesn't throw an error, email me. []

License: You may NOT re-distribute ageTracker (for mobile or for on-line). It can only be legally downloaded from this site. Once you download it - you are free to use it.




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